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Ok lemme re-write episode 12 

Rin shows up at Haru’s with 2 plane tickets. Haru doesn’t want to go but now that he’s like butchered his friendship with his 3 closest friends and Rin is the only one comimg back to him, he decides to just pack a fast bag and go

they travel Rin shows Haru the sights and Haru has his own inner monologue about how big the world is and like finding his future isn’t the end all, there’s so much to see and do, so much he hasn’t done. 

He begins to admire Rin for leaving to do this, follow his dream, work so hard and in turn Haru realizes he wants to find a dream, as opposed to episode 9 where he says he doesn’t want a dream at all. 

He’s inspired by Rin to find a dream and maybe it’s pro swimming, maybe it’s a small job being able to support himself, maybe it’s getting a degree in something simple so he’s not restricted and he can still be free to do what he wants. 

he returns home and thanks Makoto for calling Rin and apologizes for what he’d told him and confesses to his friends that he swims for them but he knows realistically he needs more to swim for if he wants to continue as he is. They all agree that they’ll do whatever they can so Haru can continue on and eventually find a dream of his own. 

Rin is proud of himself because while he’s always been so inspired by Haru, now was the time he was able to repay Haru and inspire him to find something to dream for, a goal to reach. 

The end. 

This is an episode that I would watch 5 times over ngl


Can someone please explain to me how Haru going pro makes any sense for his character and isn’t completely contrived? Can someone explain how this has any verisimilitude WITHOUT using shipping reasons?

I’d like to see someone try and give a thoughtful, character-driven reason as to why, after two…

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